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CCTV Systems

Secure your business or home today with the latest security products available at the most competitive prices. We have years of experience in the security industry and we won’t be beaten on price and quality.

Alarm Systems

Fully installed in your home or business connected to an existing power point. We provide a user manual & warning stickers, full training and a 24 month warranty. Ideal for double storey homes.


We can provide intercom systems for Residential, Commercial or Unit/Block installations that can also open doors, including garage doors, driveway or pedestrian gates.

Network Cabling

Complete network cable installations. Data cabinets, server racks & patch panels. Home & office fitouts for voice, data & TV. Multi-room TV installations & support. Repairs and Fault Finding.

Property Maintenance

We can help you with all the repairs and odd jobs throughout your home or business. We offer a wide range of services including anything from changing light globes to minor painting and repairing doors.

Office Fitouts

Complete your office refurbishment with professional freestanding or fitted office partitions. Our experienced team can build custom partitions to your requirements, creating an effective design solution.

CCTV Systems


At What Trade we provide full service and installation of the best value CCTV systems Melbourne has to offer. We have many years experience in the supply and installation of the latest super high definition megapixel IP cameras and network video surveillance systems.

What Trade has extensive experience in CCTV installation Melbourne wide. We guarantee the quality of our commercial and home surveillance systems – both in design and workmanship. We use only the highest quality materials and are agents for most of the world’s largest manufacturers – HikvisionDahua and Swann. Because of this we can ensure the protection of your investment. We firmly believe our customers deserve to feel confident that the hardware we install will last for years to come.


Residential & Commercial CCTV Camera Installations


We service residential and commercial customers throughout the Melbourne metro area. We will visit your home or job site and provide professional advice based on your budget and requirements, resulting in the best solution and equipment necessary to achieve your goals. Our installers will have your new business or home security camera system up and running in no time. After installation we will provide you with all the training you need. This will ensure that you will be familiar with the system and confident with it’s operation.


Agents For: Hikvision, Dahua & Swann


Hikvision, Dahua & Swann are the three biggest selling CCTV manufactures in the world and their products are widely used throughout Australia. They have earned a big reputation for being reliable and high quality at very affordable prices.

Alarm Systems


1. What products do What Trade use?


We use both Paradox and DSC alarm systems. Paradox is a Canadian made and manufactured alarm system and widely used throughout Australia. This equipment has state of the art technology that is way ahead of other manufacturers and are known for their excellent quality and reliability.


2. What is included with What Trade Alarm Systems?


The system is fully installed, hard wired, connected to an existing power point, with a battery back-up. We provide a user manual, window stickers, full training and a 24 month parts warranty and 12 month labour warranty (based on a single storey home).

Full perimeter alarm systems where we secure every window and door with special detectors are now becoming the preferred option. This type of system allows you to have the alarm on whilst you are able to move freely inside the house. Perimeter packages are from $2500. Double storey packages start from $1399 for wireless systems.


3. Does What Trade provide 24 hour monitoring services?


There are many positive reasons for having a fully monitored back to base alarm system, ranging from immediate response such as patrol or police attendance. In addition, the condition of the alarm system is diagnosed for such things as power failure, battery failure, and communication failure. Most insurance companies look favourably at monitored alarms and will provide between 15% and 20% on contents insurance.


4. Is self monitoring available?


Some people prefer to self monitor their own alarm systems and we provide a number of options. The most popular being the IP module which is connected to your internet and sends emails to your computers and smart phones in the event of the alarm. Alternatively a wireless GSM unit can send text messages to your smart phone, but these units require a SIM card which usually incurs a monthly fee.


5. What warranty does What Trade provide?


We pass on the 24 month warranty provided by Paradox on parts and we provide a 12 month warranty on Labour. We will come out and correct any problems within 12 months at no cost to you.



Melbourne’s Number One Supplier and Installer of Intercom Systems


Technology has come a long way since the days of fuzzy-sounding inter-room devices, like those seen on ‘60s-inspired TV shows! These days, having an intercom means more than just communicating via a phone and loudspeaker. You can now see exactly who’s rung your bell, and who might be accompanying them unbeknownst to you. With today’s higher definition full-colour displays and crisp audio, you get a better sense of genuinely interacting with your visitors, which can help prevent any miscommunication. Our systems are a smart solution for a variety of different properties, including standalone homes, multi-residential premises (apartment buildings, etc.) and businesses.


Intercom systems installed to the most exacting standards of workmanship


We provide superior quality products and expert installation, ensuring the highest level of workmanship. Intercom systems are a handy feature for both home and business, enabling safe and secure communication with visitors to your door, without putting yourself at risk by opening it to any unknown people.

As part of a wider security set-up incorporating cameras and an alarm, intercom systems give Melbourne homes and businesses the ability to screen visitors. Being able to assess who has knocked on the door or rung the bell without opening it is important for safety. The video function is ideal for identifying people, ensuring only authorised personnel are granted entry. This is especially valuable for businesses without a dedicated reception area and people who are home alone.


Creative intercom solutions for homes and businesses throughout Melbourne


Thanks to internet connectivity and the uptake of smart phones, there’s a lot more that intercom systems can do. Our Smart IP Door Bell Kit allows you to answer your intercom even when you’re not at home or in the office. This can be handy if you’ve just headed downstairs for a coffee, or if you’re late to meet an important visitor at your office, or if friends and family drop by unexpectedly and you still want to be able to say hi. The simple interface makes it a fun and user-friendly option for users of all ages.

You may also integrate with other security solutions, such as CCTV. This allows you to see whether visitors are attempting to enter through other points after having rung the bell. It also allows you to keep an eye on other parts of your back yard or fenced grounds whilst also chatting through the intercom.

Brands We Use:

Network Cabling


What Trade are data & voice cable network installation and repair specialists in Melbourne and we can help you with every aspect of your home or office computer & data network cabling from design & installation to repairs & upgrades. From a single room to room data cable, to a whole home or whole office cable installation, What Trade can provide you with a solution to meet your current and future needs.

As a locally owned and operated Melbourne cabling company, we provide fast, reliable and value for money voice & data cable installations & support, using only registered cable installers, the latest in quality diagnostic equipment & sourcing all components & materials through reputable Australian suppliers.


New Cable Installations


As a business or home owner, you understand the benefits of a professionally installed data cable network. Here at What Trade we pride ourselves on providing those professional data network installations. We perform installations for small and medium sized businesses, maintaining the highest levels of industry installation best practice (AS/NZS 3080:2013) to ensure that our networks are reliable and perform at the maximum speed possible. At the same time, as a locally owned company we are able to keep our prices low, whilst still providing high performance data network cable installations for customers seeking a budget conscious cable installation.


Repairs and Fault Finding


With many years of experience in both domestic and commercial network infrastructure installation and maintenance, along with the latest in quality diagnostic equipment, What Trade is able to have a technician find and repair any network cable related fault.


Cat 5 or Cat 5e Data Cable Installations


The original Cat 5 standard has now been deprecated, leaving only Cat 5e, although the term Cat 5 is still used, meaning that all current references to Cat 5 are in fact referring to Cat 5e. Cat 5e cabling is rated for network speeds up to 100Mb/sec, making it ideal for phone and ADSL cabling requirements. It is now very affordable and should be used in all new telephone and ADSL cable installations as the minimum standard.


Cat 6 or Cat 6a Data Cable Installations


Cat 6 and now Cat 6a offer enhanced performance for data communication, with Cat 6 rated for speeds up to 1Gb/sec and Cat 6a rated up to 10Gb/sec. Whilst Cat 6a is still significantly more expensive, Cat 6 is now very affordable and is the minimum standard used by What Trade for any internal data or NBN network cabling.

Property Maintenance


Maintaining a building can include many types of tasks, from roofing repairs to landscaping upkeep. When you hire a professional to do each of these individual services, you may experience delays, differences in craftsmanship or difficulties with budgeting.

At What Trade, we offer all of the tasks you need to keep your Melbourne-based property looking beautiful and functioning properly so you only ever have to call one professional.


Our Comprehensive Services


We provide building maintenance services to help maintain every inch of your property in Melbourne. Whether you want to renovate and revitalise your entire home or deal with a small but essential repair at your office building, we can help. We even offer furniture assembly and transport to make property improvements simpler and safer.

Our services include:

  • Carpentry
  • Plastering
  • General repairs
  • Landscaping
  • Painting

We strive to empower property owners by providing expert and reliable services. We ensure that you can continue to run your business or enjoy your home while we work by prioritising safety, comfort and respect while on-site. Our team of building maintenance contractors always takes care to keep your property clean and usable, regardless of the work being done there.

Additionally, we offer options to help you look to the future. Contact our team for one-time, routine or preventative maintenance. We also provide maintenance to ensure your workplace complies with all applicable Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) standards.


Our Reliable Team


For nearly two decades, What Trade has served property owners of all sorts throughout the Melbourne area. As an established company that’s 100% Australian owned, we understand your needs as a homeowner, property manager or commercial property owner.

Office Fitouts


What We Do


What Trade is a specialist in commercial and office fitouts. We have renovated and fitted our spaces for offices, shops, health clinics, as well as government and corporate properties throughout Melbourne. Our team works with you to find the right working solution, look, materials and installation process for your project.

Big or Small, corporate or startup, grand new office designs or an office refresh – Our team of designers, builders and consultants ensure each fit out is completed according to your business style, schedule, and budget.


Our Difference


We understand the unique challenges and considerations when creating a fitout for commercial use. Our extensive commercial experience means we can provide the knowledge and advise to help you save time and money. Our insights also ensure the design is suitable for your business, building, and local council guidelines.


Customised Fitouts


Office Fitouts: Our commercial acumen enables businesses to achieve their desired fitout design within budget and schedule.

Shop Fitouts: We create customer focused fitouts, designed on brand with flexible fixtures and fittings for quick and easy updates.

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